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Sooo... do you mind people cosplaying the Becile bots? I was wanting to do something a little 'less than the norm' in SPG and I came across Harriet on dA.. and I absolutely adore her, and would love for permission to cosplay her for Orlando Nerd Fest, next year uvu

Sure do whatever you like, that sounds great :) We’d love to see it 


around what time were the Becile bots made?

cause if it was around the same time as the Walter bots

it’s possible they were in the same wars as the Walter bots and fought alongside them

just a thought

((rileylaroux here: the Becile Bots as created by surge/divinator were actually built AFTER the war, inspired by and in order to try and compete with Walter’s creations. in fact, The Skull, The Hare and The Jack were originally workers in the mines who died during the fight; their names were Frank, Tony and Jack.))


Well friends, activity has been slowing on down. Please give your love to divinator, who created the bots years ago, and to 2-ee who helped to run this blog! We will still be reblogging fanart, but for now, consider us off on hiatus. Much love, kids!

Did Ya Know

The Skull is constantly at odds with Locksmith, who he considers a blustery peacock. Locksmith considers The Skull a sullen brute, but has a fondness for Jack. Hare seems indifferent to Locksmith, and despite often butting heads with The Skull, is not always on his side in disagreements. The Skull considers Hare a loudmouthed try-hard. The Jack likes Hare but is a little leery of Locksmith, who was not present before The Jack’s hardware fried.

The Skull and Jack seldom interact directly, possibly due to Skull’s role as his owner’s tool through most of their early years. 


someone draw becile bots for me pls and thank

Hare: Hey kids, don’t leave ‘em hangin.