Skull might seem tough but when y’think about it, deep down inside e’eryone’s made ‘a th’same stuff as ol’ Skully.


[[Just a quick PSA about our Becile Boys: while the boys are no fans of the Walters, they’re also not transphobic. Frankly they have a loose grasp on the concept in the first place, being machines that can be altered at the drop of a hat. But Hare for example won’t have anything transphobic to say about Rabbit. Rabbit’s just Rabbit. A swaggering Italian ghost from the 20’s bonded into a metallic husk is frankly more interested in mouthing off over more important stuff - like who could really hold up in a fight. So keep that in mind when drawin’ and writin’ the boys. Thanks a ton - RileyLaRoux and Surge]]


could someone please explain what the Becile Bot thing is with SPG? is it like Becile’s answer to Walter’s bots or? sorry im kinda confused im probably coming across as really stupid here

((It’s a fan created concept by divinator. It isn’t canon, they’re just some neat fanbots. This is the account for ‘em))



There y’all go. I said I’d only post it once and I meant it. I’m really uncomfortable and embarrassed asking for help but I have no idea how else to try and get these procedures done. Thanks for tolerating my money-grubbing, I’ll be straight back to fun content after this.

This is the last time y’all will see this, I promise. Someone contacted me and demanded I add proof that I have paid 800$ toward my own procedures and that the remaining amount is a couple thousand dollars.

Enjoy. This was added to my YouCaring account as well, for anyone else who is curious about the cost of these procedures and whether they really are as extensive as I said.

I appreciate those who have helped already so much. Thank you